Management of Value


The concept of value is based on the relationship between satisfyling needs and expectations and the resources

required to achieve them. 


"The aim of Value Management is to reconcile all stakeholders' views and to achieve the best balance

between satsified needs and resources." 


                                                                                                          Institute of Value Management



When executing projects, the key objective is to ensure the desired outputs/deliverables result in the realization

of expected benefits.  For programs, the outputs/deliverables from the constituent projects collectively must

achieve the strategic outcomes targeted.  At the Portfolio level, it is essential that the orgnizations can express

its priorities in terms of what will add most value to the organization in pursuit of its strategic imperatives. 

Programs and projects can then be designed and aligned to deliver these priorities.


Value Management is the set of principles, processes and techniques used to deliver best value for owners and

end users alike.  It is focused on ensuring that effort (Portfolio, Program, Projects and Lean) manifests itself in results

that meet a need while taking account of/reconciling different stakeholder priorities, needs, organizational priorities

and optimal use of resources available.



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   Value Stream Mapping


    Business/Value Case Development


    Capability, Feature Modelling


    Function Analysis, Workflow Design


    Business Process Re-Engineering       


    Metrics & Value Indexing


    Estimation Techniques 











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