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Management of Portfolios (MoP)

In response to a sudden surge of interest in Portfolio Management, we thought the following might help clarify things as the waters (people's understanding and perception) seem quite murky.

We're fortunate to have a significant expertize in this subject and have the top two accredited training and consulting offerings available in the world today - MoP (APMG Examination Institute) and PPM (Scaled Agile).

Lets focus on MoP for a dedicated and proven articulation and, in particular, three summary points:

1. MoP provides a robust and proven set of principles, techniques and practices to help organizations ensure their programs and projects contribute to strategic objectives and deliver optimum value for the business (i.e. deliver benefits/ROI that whilst often articulated well in a business case very rarely come to fruition).

Case Study Short Video

2. Portfolio management helps organizations make decisions about implementing the right changes to "business as usual" via projects and programs. MoP articulates a definition and delivery management cycle to not only understand, categorize, prioritize & score, select, balance (time, money, resources, dependencies, risk etc.) and plan the right portfolio of work, but also to oversee effective delivery of the agree portfolio(s).

3. Finally, applying MoP also helps organizations answer the questions: Are we sure this investment is right for us and how will it contribute to our corporate/strategic objectives?

For more full details of Portfolio Management as covered by the MoP 2-Day accredited training syllabus, please read this summary.

If you'd like to find out more about Lean-Agile Portfolio Management and how MoP enables that, please contact us or attend our Leading SAFe 2-Day certification.

For information about our free Portfolio Management consultation and/or our MoP in-a-box capability that enables a robust and sustainable practice in weeks, please contact us.

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