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     Portfolio Management
The coordinated collection of strategic processes and decisions that together enable the most effective balance of organizational change and business as usual. 
Aspire is a certified Portfolios Management and enterprise Lean-Agile Organization.  We can enable organizations with discplines, agile and/or kanban portfolio systems as best fits the situational context.











Portfolio Management

     Program Management
Provides a consistent approach to effect large-scale organizational change.  As an integral part of an enterrpise change management capability, programs provide the bridge between business strategy (manifested in portfolios) and change initiatives (projects/release trains) to deliver results.  As a structured and consistent approach to enterprise driven change management, programs exist to make sense of complex, often ambiguous environments. 

Our Services

   Program Lifecycle & Delivery



   Program Organization Development


   Program & Business Blueprint Design


   Governance, Risk & Quality                          


   Health Assessment & Audit


   Program Staff Augmentation  


   PPM Tooling            






     Project Management /
    Solution Delivery
Aspire is an Accredited Project Management Consulting and Training Organization with expertize in disciplined (traditional/waterfall), Agile and Bi-modal appropaches. 

Our Services

   Project Management In-a-Box    


   Maturity/Readiness Assessment


   Methodology & Lifecycle Design &



   Governance & Health Assessment


   Business Case Development


   Project Charter & Planning                          


   Project Resource Management       


   Project Staff Augmentation

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